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Application Process for the Spain Seasonal Work Visa 2023 - Spain Jobs

 Application Process for the Spain Seasonal Work Visa 2023

The Spain Seasonal Work Visa for 2023 is open to nationals from third countries and citizens of non-EU nations. This visa presents an excellent opportunity as it includes employer-provided accommodation and employer-covered travel expenses, as outlined on the EU Immigration Portal. Common seasonal work options encompass farming, agriculture, fruit picking, catering, hotel and hospitality roles, summer camps, ski resorts, and babysitting.

Priority will be given to non-EU citizens. The application process for the Spain Seasonal Work Visa aligns with that of the Spain Employment Visa, with the sole additional requirement being employer-provided accommodation and travel coverage. Further details are provided below.

Information About the Spain Seasonal Work Visa 2023:

Spain is known for its affordability. In 2021, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued 118,200 work visas to non-EU citizens.

Spain has increased the number of work visas issued in recent years and also offers other options, such as the Spain Digital Nomad Visa 2023.

Advantages of Working in Spain as a Seasonal Worker:

  • Accommodation provided by the employer.
  • Employer covers your travel expenses.
  • Commitment to return to your home country upon contract completion.

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Visa Validity and Duration:

The Spain seasonal work visa and permits are valid for nine months within a calendar year.

Extensions may be granted for an additional period, considering the length of the contract, up to a maximum of nine months in total.

Which Visa to Apply for Spain Seasonal Work?

As the seasonal work visa extends beyond 90 days, you must apply for either the Spanish Long-Term Visa or the Spain National Visa (D Visa) in the final step.

Initially, all work visas for Spain are issued for one year.

Cost of Spain Seasonal Work Visa:

  • For USA Citizens: €167
  • For Canadians: €100
  • For all other Nationals: €80

Requirements for Spain Seasonal Work Visa:

To engage in seasonal work in Spain, you need to obtain:

  • A work Visa and residence permit.
  • A work Visa and a residence visa.

How to Apply for the Spain Seasonal Work Visa?

Follow this step-by-step application process for the seasonal work Visa in Spain:

  • Step 1: Secure a job offer from a Spanish employer willing to invite you for seasonal work.
  • Step 2: Work and residence permit: Before applying for the work Visa, your employer must obtain a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office.
  • Step 3: Residence Permit: Once the work permit is approved, the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office will issue both the work and residence permits.
  • Step 4: Apply for the Spain Long Term (National D) Visa at the Embassy: After obtaining the work permit, you must apply for a work and residence visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence to allow entry into Spain for work purposes.

Fill Online Application for a Spain Seasonal Visa

Complete the online Visa application, book an appointment at the Spanish embassy, and submit your passport.

Please note that both the Employee Visa and the seasonal visa are the same.

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Passport Submission:

Keep in mind that the Spanish embassy will retain your passport during the application process, which may take approximately 2 months.


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